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The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) is one of the premier mountaineering institutes in the world. Founded on November 4th, 1954 by none other than Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, to commemorate the first successful ascent of Mount Everest by late Tenzing Norgay Sherpa & Sir Edmund Hillary. Being the premier mountaineering institute of South-east Asia, HMI is also referred to as the Mecca of Indian Mountaineering. The Institute has an international reputation and has trained thousands of people from across the globe in mountaineering and allied adventure activities.

Mountaineering is an art and science and not merely physical activity. It is one of the finest sports but to practice it without training and technique is deliberate suicide. Training promotes caution and clear thinking. It avoids fatigue and danger and improves safety. A mountaineer must not only learn climbing but also understand the mountains.

The objective of Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is to encourage and promote mountaineering amongst youths of the country. HMI aims to train enterprising members of the community, who in turn develop mountaineering activities in the Himalayas as a sport and as a scientific and entrepreneurial pursuit in field of adventure.

Shri Rajnath Singh

Defence Minister, Govt. of India
President of HMI

Ms Mamta Banerjee

Chief Minister, Govt. of WB
Vice-President of HMI

Gp Capt Jai Kishan


Gp Capt Jai Kishan took over the charge of Principal, HMI on 17 December 2018. Gp Capt Jai kishan commissioned into Indian Air Force in June 1996. He is an alumni of HMI. He successfully completed his Basic and Advance course from HMI in year 2001 and 2002 respectively.

He has Eight mountaineering expeditions under his belt including three eight thousanders viz. Everest, Lhotse and Mt. Cho Oyu. He is one among the very few mountaineers in the country who had climbed highest peaks in American Continent including Mt. Denali and Mt Acancagua.

On assuming command of HMI on 17 Dec 18, right from day one he emphasized on uplift and renovation of HMI campus and “GO GREEN’ concept thus promoting “Clean Mountain Campaign”.

Courses Offered

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute conducts a variety of mountaineering and adventure courses which are intensive and give trainees an opportunity to develop skill in mountain climbing, and aims to develop a spirit of adventure in each student.

Adventure Course

“life is an adventure or nothing”
This course provides a stimulating experience of physical outdoor pursuits such as trekking, camping, rock craft, and water sports with a sense of comradeship, discipline, selflessness, and nature loving.

Basic Course

“What is hard to endure is sweet to remember”
This course is the stepping stone to the world of rock, snow & ice climbing, and empowers an individual to participate in any expedition up to heights of +7000mt.

Advance Course

“Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way”
The course provides advanced training and experience of climbing a mountain in an expedition planned by trainees under the supervision of Instructors.

Cancellation and Transfer Option of Vacancies BMC 339 AND AMC 189 FROM 15 SEP 2020 TO 12 OCT 2020

  1. Basic Mountaineering Course Ser No 339 and Advance Mountaineering Courses Ser No 189 scheduled from 15 Sep to 12 Oct 2020 has been canceled due to uncertain travel restrictions and spread of Corona pandemic.
  2. Aspirant of above-mentioned courses are hereby informed that they can transfer their seat with the following options for the courses (by sending transfer application/form through online duly (self-attested) on institute email id

(a) Option 1 – BMC-342   (01 Mar  to 28 Mar 2021)  & AMC-191  (01 Apr to 28 Apr 2021)

(b) Option 2 – BMC -343 & Spl AMC-191A (01 Apr to 28 Apr 2021

(c) Option 3 – BMC- 344 (03 May to 30 May 2021) & AMC-192 (15 Sep to 12 Oct 2021)

(d) Option 4 – Spl AMC 191B (03 May to 30 May 2021)

(Not mentioned in Annual Training Programme, subject to minimum 20 participants).

(e) Option 5 – BMC-345 (15 Sep to 12 Oct 2021) & AMC-193 (19 Oct to 15 Nov 2021)

(f) Option 6 – BMC-348 (01  Mar to 28 Mar  2022)

  1. Seats would be allocated on a “First come First served basis”. In all the cases, the course transfer/cancellation fee will be waived off (max Rs. 8470/-).  Course aspirant to mention priority Option 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 in their course transfer application.  Aspirant apply for transfer of seat to next training year Apr 2021 to Mar 2022 are advised to pay the difference of course fee Rs. 1540/ respectively.
  2. Course aspirants are requested to process the transfer of course at the earliest.
  3. The confirmation letter will be issued as early as possible subject to Govt of India advisory on Corona status and unrestricted travel.
  4. Students are also advised not to book their flight/train tickets until they receive a confirmation letter from the institute for the desired course. Due to frequent lockdown, the institute is managing with minimum staff. Refund i.r.o cancellation would take a minimum of one month’s time.

Cancellation and transfer of Vacancies BMC 337, 338 AND AMC 188 APR 2020 to MAY 2020

  1. Further to our Notice dated 16 Mar 2020 on the subject.
  2. Basic Mountaineering Course Ser No 337, 338 and Advance Mountaineering Courses Ser No 188 scheduled to be commenced from 01 Apr to 28 Apr 2020 and 03 May to 30 May 2020 has been cancelled due to spread of Corona Virus globally as notified in our notice dated 16 Mar 2020.
  3. Aspirant of above mentioned courses are hereby informed that they can transfer their seat with the following options for the courses (by sending transfer application/form through on line duly (self attested) on institute email id
    Option 1 – BMC-340 & AMC-190 (19 Oct to 15 Nov 2020)
    Option 2 – BMC -341 & Spl AMC-190A (21 Nov to 18 Dec 2020
    Option 3 – BMC- 342 (01 Mar to 28 Mar 2021)
    Option 4 – BMC-343 & AMC-191 (01 Apr to 28 Apr 2021)
    Option 5 – Any course in year 2021 (Probably seats will be published by Jul/Aug 2020)
  4. Adventure Course Ser No-243 (25 May to 08 Jun 2020) and Sports & Rock Climbing Course Ser No-03 (15 May to 20 May 2020) are also hereby cancelled. Aspirant of these courses can transfer their seat in following courses :-
    Advn Course Ser No-244 (20 Dec 2020 to 03 Jan 2021)
    Sports & Rock Climbing Course Ser No-04 (01 Dec to 05 Dec 2020)
  5. Seats would be allocated on “First come First served Basis”. In all the cases, course transfer fee will be waived off.
  6. Course aspirant are requested to process transfer of course in Jun 2020.
  7. Confirmation letter will be issued in Jul/Aug 2020 subject to Govt of India advisory on Corona status.
  8. Students are also advised not to book their flight/train tickets until they receive confirmation letter from the institute for the desired course.

Insurance Cover for the Trainees undergoing Mountaineering / Adventure Courses at HMI, Darjeeling (WB)

  1. Students undergoing mountaineering / adventure courses at HMI Darjeeling (WB) are to get themselves insured for the duration of the course. They must report to HMI Darjeeling (WB) along with insurance papers. The insurance must cover accidents, death, loss of limb any illness/injury suffered while undergoing courses at HMI field training area.
  2. Customized insurance facility for the duration of adventure activity can be facilitated at HMI, Darjeeling (WB) on a payment basis on arrival.