Nima Tashi

Scaled Kabru, Rathong, Trishuli, Saser Kangri, Tharkot, Thelu, Khangla Khang, Koktang Palung.

Awards: Chief of Army Staffs Commendation.

Nima Tashi served as an instructor at HMI. Later, he was promoted to Deputy Director of Field Training. Achievement to his credit are Karbu, Rathong, Tirsuli, Sasar Kangri, Tharkot. Thelu, Khangia Khang, Koktang Paiung and others important peaks in the Himalaya. He attended Army Ski Course in 1962. Method of Instruction course in 1963 and Swiss Alpine Guide Course in 1973. He was awarded the Chief of the Army Staff’s Commendation Card in 198. He continues to be a sought after speaker on Mountaineering and adventure and travels throughout India to deliver his thought provoking and motivating lectures.

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