“To Those Who Aspired Higher


 We here at the HMI congratulate all our students who completed the grueling 28 day HMI Basic Course. While the rest of the world may think or assume that training for the Indian Para Commandoes, or the US Navy Seals, or the British SAS is tough, we take honour and pride in the fact that all of them swear by our training program when it comes to Mountaineering. This is precisely why HMI Darjeeling has continued to remain one of the best mountaineering institutes in the world. Among the many aspects of Mountaineering, we teach our students the art of snow and ice-craft training. When the students graduate we award them with an Ice Axe badge, as only those who graduate deserve and earn that rare honour.

Beginning with the acclimatization to high mountain environment at HMI, our graduates train for 16 days, conducting their field training at the Rathong Glacier in West Sikkim. Here the students learn the art of ice craft and snow craft Situated at an altitude of 14600ft Chaurikhang our base camp, our students are trained in high mountain skills. In this 28 day course we train the students to become trained mountaineers by teaching them skills in rock climbing, snow climbing, ice craft training and a hard core trek in West Sikkim to the real HMI base camp Chaurikhang. In fact, our students take the hardest high mountain trek in all of India. All the ice and snow craft training are done on Rathong glacier, where the students learn the art of ice craft and snow. At the end of it all, our students learn to learn the mountains and more importantly respect it. For them the mountains become a part and extension of themselves, and whenever they get to climb a mountain, they do not see it as an accomplishment; rather they see it as a part of their life being fulfilled. This is precisely why we take pride in all of our graduates. They are a rare breed of people, who have not just trained in the mountains, but also loved it as an extension and a part of their own selves, their own family. Congratulations to all the graduates, and we look forward to welcoming some of you in our Advanced and MoI courses. May the mountain Gods be with you all.

“May You Climb From Peak to Peak”



Tshering Sherpa


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