Arrival, Reception and Hostel Formalities.
01st – 06th Day 


HMI Campus & Training Area.   Physical Conditioning/Yoga, Distribution of Ropes, Adm Talk, Opening Address, Visit to HMI Campus, Issue of Equipments, Medical Inspection, Revision of Rope Knots, Fixed Rope and Artificial Climbing (L/D/P), Rock Climbing, Belay and Rappelling, Map Reading, GPS and Sports Climbing Practice. Expedition Planning  Part-I and Part-II, Demo and Practice on Dynamic Belay, Jumar Climbing Practice, Avalanche, First Aid and Exchange of Eqpt. Trek to Tiger Hill, weather and clouds, Sports Climbing (Indoor and Outdoor), Deposit of Library Book, Briefing on Purchase of necessary items for mountain, Outing, deposit of personal valuable items, Trg Film & Library.
07th  Day Move to Yuksum – 1850 Mtr, West Sikkim.     Cleaning and layout of hostel, Deposition of Leftover Items at Hostel/Cashier, Loading of Rucksack on vehicles, Assembles and move to Yuksum by vehicles, stay at Yuksum.
08th Day Move to Tshoka – 10000 ft Approx.     Trek to Tshoka, Establishment of Camp
09th Day Move to Dzongri – 13220 ft.     Trek to Dzongri, Establishment of Camp, and Acclimatisation walk to Dzongri top.
10th Day Move to Base Camp (Chowrikhang-14600 Ft) West Sikkim.
11th – 13th Day Stay at Base Camp Chowrikhang – 14600 ft. Acclimatisation walk lecture on Surrounding Peaks, Issue of Central equipment, Issue of Climbing Boot, Crampon, Ice Axe for individual.  Bouldering, Segregation of Field Ration, Load Ferry to Advance Base Camp (ABC) and practice of Jumar Climbing etc.

20th Day

Move to Advance Base Camp (Height – 15500 Ft).  Stay for 08 days at ABC, Map Reading/GPS.  Fitting of Crampons/Gaiter. waste management, Pick Toe Climbing, Direct Aid Climbing on Ice Wall, Two piton Climbing, Revision of Avalanche, High Altitude Cooking, Fixed Rope, Expedition Planning, Crevasse Rescue Techniques, Ladder Launching, Stretcher Making, snow craft, self arrest, Team Arrest, Ascending, Descending and Route opening & Trek to Base Camp.  
21nd Day Height Gain – BC Roy Peak 18000 Ft.
22rd Day Revision of Tyrolean and Suspension Traverse & Casualty Evacuation, Layout of Eqpt and Camp Cleaning.
23th Day Trek to Tshoka – Establishment of Camp.
24th Day Trek to Yuksum – Move to HMI by vehicle.
25th Day HMI Campus:  Sports Climbing Competition, Written Test, Maintenance of Equipment and Deposit and return of equipments & Preparation for Expedition Planning.
26th Day Graduation ceremony practice, Presentation of expedition planning.
27th Day Principal’s interviews, Graduation Ceremony.
28th Day Dispersal.