Courses Offered

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute conducts a variety of mountaineering and adventure courses which are intensive and give trainees an opportunity to develop skill in mountain climbing. In addition to technical skills, the institute aims to develop a spirit of adventure in each student. The institute conducts 16 scheduled courses every year. One adventure course is reserved for visually handicapped persons. One course on methods of instruction (MOI) is conducted for the potential instructors who want to pursue mountaineering as a career. In addition, many special courses are run for students and adults on specific demand. All the courses are highly subsidized with the institute charging very nominal fee which includes the cost of training, equipment, boarding and lodging. Prospectus and course schedule can be bought from the Institute at any time of the year. Vacancies are given on ‘First Come First Serve’ basis. Foreign students are eligible for all courses. They should have valid travel documents and visa.


“life is an adventure or nothing”

Fifteen days’ adventure course is designed on the same pattern as outward bound courses abroad. It is primarily for teenage boys and girls. However adults are also permitted in special adventure course. The course provides a stimulating experience of physical outdoor pursuits such as trekking, camping, rock craft and water sports. The course is designed to install a sense of comradeship, discipline, selflessness and concern for environment protection.

“What is hard to endure is street to remember”

The Basic Mountaineering course is the stepping stone to the world of rock, snow and ice climbing. The modest beginning empowers an individual to participate in any expedition up to heights of 7000 Meters or there about. The entire range of skills required to climb mountains is imparted to the trainees. The duration of the course is of 28 days. Field training is carried out at Chaurikhang, the Institute’s base camp (BC) in West Sikkim at an altitude of 14600 ft. The base camp is the most beautiful place in West Sikkim. One gets a fibulas view of Kabru group of mountains along with Rathong and Kokthang Peaks. Frey and BC Roy peaks in the vicinity are attempted by trainees during this course. The schedule basic courses are conducted during March, April, May September, October and November every year.

“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get..on your way”

The duration of the course is 28 days. Trainees who qualified with ‘A’ grade in basic course are eligible for advance course. The course provides advance training and experience of climbing a mountain in an expedition planned by trainees under the supervision of Instructors. They also learn the various techniques of rescue operations in varied mountainous terrain. The advance trainees spend 21 days in the mountain for learning higher skills. The advance course empowers a trainee with vast knowledge of actual climbing done in expeditions. Scheduled advance course are conducted during March, May and September every year.

“Come on lets explore beyond adventure”

Only those trainees who obtain ‘A’ grade in advance course and have an inclination to pursue mountaineering as a career are recommended for this course. Besides testing their knowledge on advance techniques, the trainees are given practical training to handle students and develop instructional ability. This course is also for 28 days. It aims to create a pool of potential guides and instructors for every part of the world who can promote mountaineering in their respective areas through various clubs and foundations.

“We are never really happy until we try to brighten the lives of others”

HMI is the only institute which conducts special adventure courses for visually handicapped persons under privileged sections of society. In addition to teaching of basic of rock climbing, trainees are also taken for high altitude trekking. This course is generally conducted in April/October every year. The Course gives an opportunity to explore the higher dimensions of adventure and human spirit.

HMI also conducts special courses on sport climbing, rock climbing, adventure and mountaineering courses on demand. Duration of these courses can vary as per the requirements of the trainees. These courses are generally conducted for a minimum group of 20 persons from institutions, corporate houses, defence or paramilitary forces. The fee is charged on the actual cost basis. Sport climbing courses are very popular amongst young school children from 4th to 9th Standard who come on weekends during vocations to do such courses. These courses develop an all round personality in young children. The institute also conducted a special mountaineering course sponsored By government of Andhra Pradesh. In this course, a 14 year old. Miss Malvath Poorna officially became the youngest Everester in India. The Institute also conducted a selection camp cum pre-training for NCC Girls’ Everest Expedition 2016.

100 girls from various parts of India were screened and 40 were selected for Pre-Everest expedition in 2015. Two trainees among them, both of whom hailed from Darjeeling. Trishala Gurung and Sulakshana Tamang not only made it to the final team but also summited Mount Everest in May 2016.

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